Argo – Quarter Horse Gelding

Argo is from Mississippi. He has been pushed around since he was (6) months old throughout his life, going to many states with different owners and trainers. Argo was trained and pushed too fast and as a result is has suffered from low self-esteem, insecurities and depression. Argo has barb wire cuts on legs, a bone spur on front leg, ulcer problems, sensitive skin, is allergic to bugs, can’t handle cold, and is easily upset because he is so highly sensitive. Argo has the biggest heart and is a cuddler. He loves to be brushed and is beautiful but doesn’t know it, he is a big gentle giant…

Esprit – Haflinger Mare

Esprit is from the Netherlands and flew to the USA with Tilly in a Boeing 747 airplane in 2013. Paula had her mom Tasja, after she crossed over she found Esprit. Esprit had changed owners a couple of times. They found her “hard to handle”. She had been whipped and forced to jump, so now she doesn’t like it so much but is doing her best for us. She also had her head caught in a silo and was injured from that accident. Esprit is super spiritual, empathic and telepathic. She is great with horse coaching , helping people to gain confidence and get over their fears as she is very responsible and reliable.

Launcelot – Icelandic Horse

When Launcelot arrived at the HHB Ranch, he was 17 years old and untrainable and unrideable. It took Paula several years to gain his trust. He had been whipped, beaten, kicked, and had his ears cropped to inflict pain. His last owner was a little girl who he loved dearly, she could sit/hang on him and walk around riding on him, but nothing more so the parents brought him to Live and Let Live Farm Rescue where Pete and Paula immediately adopted him. Lancelot was totally shut-down and didn’t want to do anything or live anymore. It took several years to restore his confidence and trust. Launcelot now rides and is one of HHB ranch’s success stories. Launcelot’s hind legs don’t function in the canter yet (due to a prior injury) but he is making great progress. Lancelot is bombproof, shy, a sweet, very special horse!

Troy – Solid Paint Gelding

Troy is the newest arrival to the HHB ranch. He has been in the pasture his whole life with no handling at all. Troy hadn’t had a lot of attention, therefore he was desperate, wanting to be seen and calling out for love and attention. Troy is playful, green, open and loving but spooky and acts like a 2 year old! Paula’s goal is to continue training him so that he can become a reliable and responsible therapeutic horse as a member of the HHB herd. Troy pulls on your heartstrings!