“Every time that I walk through the gate into HHB Healing Foundation, I know that this place is where I am meant to be. At HHB Healing Foundation, I feel amazing, relaxed, and peaceful as I release all of my worries about life by connecting to the horses and other people. Everyone feels accepted and no one feels judged because we are like one big family. I used to be shy but HHB Healing Foundation has taught me to speak up for myself and make friends. This program has taught me to feel proud of myself instead of worrying about what other people think of me. From my experiences at HHB Healing Foundation, I have learned to the responsibility and to respect both myself and others. Paula helps me to appreciate that I am special and she has helped my family and I in so many ways. I have no words to accurately describe how much the HHB Healing Foundation has helped me to learn and grow.

I remember one day after I had just given Tilly (one of the horses) a bath, I was feeling down because I was having a particularly bad week. Tilly sensed my difficulty and she started to nudge me and comfort me. Tilly helped me to feel loved, reassured and understood in a way that no person could.

I have particularly fond memories of helping to lead HHB Foundation’s Teen Connection’s Program last summer. In particular, the TTouch Workshop helped me to feel a sense of oneness with both the horses and the other program participants. I remember looking at everyone else during this activity and each person had a huge smile on her face. I also remember our closing Circle of Compliments and Trust during which one of the other young ladies whom had helped to mentor during the program first had a huge smile and then started to cry tears of joy while she expressed that for once in her life, she had finally found a place where she belonged. Knew that day that I had achieved my goal to help both myself and others feel happy.”

Hailey – 7th Grade Student

“When our now 13 year old daughter approached us about horseback riding lessons, we were reluctant because neither of us grew up riding or realized the value of it. Looking back, we are so lucky to have found the HHB Healing Foundation.

In our daughter’s own words “HHB Healing Foundation has helped me so much over the years. It’s a place that I can escape from the world and all of the problems or if I’ve had a bad day. It gives me something active to do and teaches me responsibility because I always have to put the horses first. HHB Healing Foundation is also where I met my best friend who I probably would’ve never met if we both didn’t go there. HHB Healing Foundation gives me something to look forward after school or on the weekends. I love it because there’s always something to do and there’s always room for improvement so I never get bored. All of the people there are so friendly and knowledgeable. Each horse there is unique and each has something I love about it, the dogs and cats too. HHB Healing foundation is such a big part of my life and I don’t know what I would do without it.”

As parents, we have witnesses the profound effect the our daughter’s experiences at HHB Healing Foundation have had on her life. The relationships she has formed with the horses, Paula and Pete, and everyone else associated with the HHB Healing Foundation have helped her weather the social ups and downs, crushes and heart breaks that are part of middle school life. The maturity and insight she has gained, the compassion for these amazing living creatures, are profound influences in her development into a confident, responsible, amazing young women.”

Leah – 8th Grade Student and her mother Barbara

“I am the mom of a 10 year old boy with many issues: Social, Emotional and Behavioral. Due to these challenges he does not have many friendships in his home community or where he attends school out of district. He however does have a huge LOVE for small children and animals. The connection to the cats, dogs and horses that he has made at HHB Healing Foundation has helped shape this little boy. The joy he has in knowing in the morning that he gets to have a lesson that afternoon helps set up his day for success. Once home, after grabbing his cowboy boots, he sets off with them and a smile! He knows he’s going to a place where there is no judgement, no need to feel out of place, rejected or shame. It is a place of love and acceptance. Pete, Paula and the staff show great love and kindness to their farm animals. They teach the importance of caring for these beautiful creatures and the work that is necessary; it’s not just about the “ride”. Through these responsibilities my son has learned to care for, treat with respect and love these animals unconditionally, and they him. There is SUCH a calmness and relaxing nature to my son when he gets home. Like for a small moment in time he has been able to be “One” with these wonderful animals.

In many pictures of my son doing other things, there’s a forced grin half a smile, but when I have had the pleasure to visit while he’s there or had pictures of his lessons sent to me from the trainer there is a WHOLE beautiful smile and look of such pride. I think I’ve already seen the “most beautiful” of the photos and then one just sent captures the true essence of my son as none had previously. I hope that all children, through being with, touching, taking care of these animals can even just for a precious moment in their week feel the love and acceptance from the animals as well as the owners, allowing deep and real pride and satisfaction within themselves.”

Mrs. Smith – Parent

“What impressed me most about my experience during the horse coaching session was the way in which Argo, the horse with whom I was working, acted as a mirror reflecting back to me the emotions and the energy that I both experience and send out into the world. With Paula’s guidance, I was able to release some past pain and learn to present my best self in a confident and calm manner to help Argo feel more comfortable in my presence. By learning to adjust my energy and make myself more approachable for Argo, i can more effectively embrace meaningful communication and connections with other people in my life”.

Dave L. –

“I am an employee of a local human services organization and have been working with a young lady named Sarah. It took me quite a while to convince Sarah txt she would benefit by volunteering her time at the HHB Healing Foundation. When I finally convinced her to go and just try it we were on the road to great personal success!

Sarah has been promptly arriving almost every Wednesday and the benefits to Sarah have been remarkable such as the friendships she has developed with her mentors and other volunteer staff. She already had a love for animals but hadn’t had any experience with horses, however the first day we arrived up to now has had a tremendous effect on her. I have seen such a change in her confidence level, not only how she is with the horses but how she interacts with people here and outside of this beautiful place. I enjoy watching Sarah work with and learn how to care for the horses.

Sarah tells me she loves coming here and misses it on the few days she hasn’t been able to make it. Her joy in coming here shows by the smile she has on here face and the peace she feels for the rest of the day. In Sarah’s own words: “I also like seeing the dogs as they make me happy. When I fist started coming here it was hard for me to get close enough to work with the horses but now I have the confidence to work with and ride the horses!”. Sarah has come a long way. She also says that all of the people at HHB Healing foundation are really nice and it is great place to be.

Sarah has become very brave since working with the horses. This bravery has poured into other parts of her life. She has overcome the fear that she placed on herself in the beginning. Sarah said “the HHB Healing Foundation makes me feel free – this place gives me an escape from my trapped world”. We highly recommend this place.”

Jean and Sarah

“Our 16 year old daughter has a very complex history of trauma, PTSD, reactive attachment disorder, traumatic brain injury, as well as a multitude of other diagnoses due to her first 10 years of life living in rural Ukraine in an orphanage. We adopted her at 10 years old and have struggled with her deep emotional scars for the past 5 and 1/2 years. She is dearly loved by us, extended family and her many friends in our community. It has been reported to us by various psychiatrists, social workers and other professionals involved with her that she is an extremely complex case.

Over the past six weeks of visits and therapy and HHB Healing Foundation, we are seeing her begin to shine! After her sessions, we consistently observe her to be absolutely glowing with positive energy, confidence and excitement! We rarely see this side of her, but we’ve known it’s there. HHB Healing Foundation consistently brings out her inner self, and we are greatly appreciative for that!

We know that her struggles will stay for her for a long time, many of which will leave scars for her entire life. However, we are seeing her make strides in her ability to be aware if get emotional state and to communicate when she feels out of sorts. We believe that time at HHB Healing Foundation is helping her to develop these skills. We are excited about her progress, and greatly appreciate having you in our community. You are an incredible asset to a family like ours!”

Parents of 16 year old young woman